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Sponsor Us

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Sponsorship Oppotunities

SnowReport SA: the trusted and relied upon snow news provider in South Africa for our community and media channels.

There are numerous ways to sponsor SnowReport SA:

  1. Your business could sponsor SnowReport SA on a professional level.
  2. You could become a Snow Angel on a personal level.
  3. Donating much needed equipment / winter gear / vehicle safety equipment / cameras / tyres etc.
  4. Sponsoring accommodation for our snow crew.

If you feel that your organisation is able to sponsor SnowReport, either as the principal sponsor, or a sub-sponsor, or just to donate or contribute in any way, please feel free to contact us so that we may discuss a way forward. For more information or to schedule a meeting please contact Rob Ansell – CEO. Email: rob@snowreport.co.za

Items which you can sponsor:

  1. GoPro or other suitable video recording equipment.
  2. Vehicle – SUV with 4 x 4 capabilities.
  3. Snow clothing and cold weather gear, equipment, and travel bags.
  4. Digital camera and accessories.
  5. Items / packages for competition winners.
  6. Fuel for travelling to and from snow zones.
  7. Accommodation for the SnowReport crew when travelling to the snow zones.
  8. Mobile phones and data packages x 2
  9. GPS navigation device.
  10. Vehicle tyres.
  11. Vehicle servicing.
  12. Vehicle wrapping costs.

Become a Snow Angel

Snow Report needs your help to go the extra mile. We currently have four full time employees that dedicate very long hours to bringing you the snow news across all our channels in the fastest possible time. Whilst our generous sponsors do their best to help us cover our costs, there is a substantial shortfall month after month, and especially in the summer months when some of our sponsors pull back. We continue to seek sponsors who can cover our costs, and at the same time, we always strive to make Snow Report better each and every day.

We have also identified some additional projects that we would like to do. We do not have available funds for these projects, and require support from our community in order to make these a reality.

SnowReport Projects

4 x new 3G, solar powered webcams in the following locations :

  • Clarens, Free State (looking towards the Malutis)
  • Top of Sani Pass (KZN Drakensberg/Lesotho border)
  • From Underberg, towards the Southern Drakensberg
  • In Ceres, hopefully at Matroosberg, and hopefully 2 cameras. One at reception, and one higher up

SnowReport Contribution

Help make SnowReport GREAT!


Click here to see our projects

*Feel free to change your contribution amount.

Personal Info

Donation Total: R50

Each camera, plus installation will cost around R10,000 and then there are also the monthly costs for the SIM cards that are used to send the images back to us at the office. More locations will be announced once we have completed the above.

We require another staff member for busy snow days. Our current staff are unable to cope with the amount of information coming in to Snow Report, and update all our channels (Facebook, Twitter, Web, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube) in real time. This would not be a permanent staff member, but currently unaffordable, and necessary to bring real time information to the community across all channels.

Our “mobile unit” would also like to spend more time on the road, educating and informing the public about snow, snow safety, and etiquette, as well as helping people that require assistance on the roads where possible. Currently, we are only able to do this in KZN as our funding does not allow us to go further, but the aim is to get into the Free State, the Eastern Cape, the Western Cape, the Northern Cape and anywhere else where we might be needed.

We would also like to reward our staff for the incredible amount of overtime that is put in at night, on public holidays and over the weekends, for which they are currently not rewarded.

If you are able to assist, we would be extremely grateful. Thank-you!