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  • Snow likely over certain parts of Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KZN and Lesotho starting Wednesday the 15th of Nov. See extended forecast for more details

UPDATED FORECAST: Snow Day Cancelled

UPDATED FORECAST: Looks like our upcoming snow day has been cancelled by Mother Nature, SnowReporters. There has been a tendency for our cold fronts to shift south at the last minute this year, and the next cold front looks like it is going to do it too! We were seeing lovely light snowfalls for the WC, EC, Lesotho and KZN this weekend, but now, it doesn’t look like any snow will fall.

We are still expecting very cold weather, but the moisture band now looks like it will shift south, with the majority of it staying out to sea. Some coastal areas will experience light rain, but the moisture will not extend sufficiently inland, and as such, no snow is expected now. We will however keep watching, and if the moisture band looks like it will move inland again, we will be sure to let you know. Keep warm, and stay safe.

Author: SnowReport SA

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