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The history and the future of SnowReport

Photo Credit- Flo McCall/ Jackson Hole Moutain Resort A little bit of history about SnowReportSA ….. founded in 2009 by Rob Ansell, the CEO of Redbrick Online, in an attempt to bring real time snow reporting to the South African public. SnowReportSA has since then grown from strength to strength. Initially, reports were posted on our website at www.snowreport.co.za, and due the popularity of the website, it was decided in 2013 that SnowReportSA would start a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. The response to these two new forms of media have been amazing to say the least. Our Facebook page has proved to be very popular, and our following has grown to over 15,000 in just one full winter season. We have almost 3,000 twitter followers, and our website gets in excess of 30,000 hits a month! The number one question we have received from over time has been, “Where can I stay when going to see the snow?” This is how SnowReport ‘Places To Stay’ was born. Over 50 resorts are now registered with Snow Report, and are all searchable through our website, and many more resorts will be added during the 2014 season. Additionally, we are also offering advertising to selected clients with snow related products in order to try and cover the substantial cost of running SnowReport. We have been lucky enough to attract the attention of 3 amazing advertisers. Many South Africans are not aware of the fact that we have two spectacular ski resorts in Southern Africa, one being Tiffindell in the Eastern Cape, and the other, in Lesotho, is Afriski. If you want to go skiing, or learn to ski, why travel all the way to Europe? Have a look at these resorts, and imagine the fun and adventure you can have right here at home! Every year, thousands of South Africans battle through icy and snowy road conditions, which result in a large number of accidents and emergency recoveries by rescue parties. Accidents which could have been avoided through correct preparations when travelling. An essential piece of equipment for anyone travelling into snowy and icy areas is a set of snow chains, which are now available in South Africa through SIS. A link to the SIS website is available through our website. It must be noted that SnowReportSA does not endeavour simply to make a profit. Instead, all that we seek to do, is provide a community service to the South African public, and at the same time, make SnowReport a sustainable operation. The success of SnowReportSA depends to a large degree on the South African public, and their willingness to provide us with information on where it is snowing around the country. We have volunteer ‘snow reporters’ around the country who send us pictures and reports of snow as and when it happens, and we report this in real time. We can honestly say that we do not believe that there is any other community network in South Africa that does this, and can provide such accurate and real time information. SnowReportSA is fast becoming a central hub for formal media channels to get information on snow, and just in the last week, we have been featured in various print and online media. We were featured on the front page of The Witness newspaper, in the Volksblad, on news24 and ENCA, and Rob did a number of telephonic interviews with newspapers and radio stations. And winter has only just begun! Some of our followers have had the privilege of having their photos published in the media, and some of them have even been interviewed by the media. We are proud of the fact that SnowReportSA was able to act the conduit for this interaction. If you send us pictures, your pictures could end up in front of hundreds of thousands of people! In essence, SnowReportSA has become a platform that is run for the South African public, by the South African public, and is under the curatorship of Redbrick Online. The team at Redbrick Online is extremely grateful to have the opportunity of maintaining such an amazing portal, and we look forward to winter every year so that we can bring the snow news to Southern Africa and the world. All that we ask, is that you support the resorts that have listed with us, and our advertisers, as without them, SnowReportSA would not be able to function at the level that it does. And finally, a BIG thank-you to all our followers, who are the reason that SnowReportSA exists at all. If you see snow, please share your pictures and experiences with us, and you too will become a ‘snow reporter’ and add to the success of SnowReportSA.
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Author: SnowReport SA

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