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Stay Warm This Winter With These Top Tips From Fire and Braais!


Here are some top tips on how to stay warm this winter from KZN’s premium, destination fireplace experts.

Snow maps have been published, we have had our first snow forecast and trees across our beautiful country are donning their finest hues in a final display before they go bare.

This means only one thing. Winter is upon us once more. Scenes of mist covered waters, golden sunrises (mostly because the sun is now only coming up when we wake up), snow covered fields, gloves, beanies and of course cozy fireside times.

So how to stay warm this winter? To find out more about how to effectively and stylishly heat your home we spoke to KZN’s premium destination fireplace store.

Situated in the heart of the KZN Midlands where it is often well below zero, Fires and Braais know a thing or two about how to ensure you are stylishly snug and safe in your home or business.

We spoke to the owner, Margot McMaster, to find out a bit more about the latest trends and her top tips for selecting a fireplace.



“These days”, says McMaster, “your choice is almost overwhelming. As resellers, and pretty fussy ones at that, we took a long time to research and test fireplace brands and have carefully selected 21 of the worlds’ best companies. This distinguished selection offers us more than 850 fireplaces in over 26 colours in every size, shape, output and fuel type. From 5kW to 25kW and R6,000 to R550,000!”

“So how do you choose?” we asked.

“First”, advises McMaster, “We ask our clients to let us know if they want a built in or free-standing unit. Then we ask if they would prefer to use wood, pellet, gas or anthracite as fuel. From there, the most important thing is to know how much space needs to be heated because one doesn’t want to go to the effort and cost of installing a fireplace only to find you are too cold or too hot.”


“Actually, I think one can never be too hot”, chimes in McMaster, her passion for this business and delight to be able to assist is evident in the way she talks. With a degree in chemistry and applied chemistry and a candle-making hobby spanning two decades, her love for flame goes beyond just being warm. “For me, there are so many factors that come into play around fire. Family time, stories, meaningful conversations, soup, wine and then the whole chemical process of how the sun’s energy is released is incredible. Having worked in IT for most of my life, I love the technological advances in material, design and finishes”.


“I’m particularly taken with the ability to ‘apptivate’ your fire”, she says “You know, where you can control your fireplace from an app on your smart phone”.

“So these days”, concludes McMaster, “there is no reason for your fireplace to be smoky, messy or hard work. The trend is very much toward closed combustion (http://firesandbraais.co.za/top-ten-reasons-to-choose-closed-combustion/ ), clean burning, highly effective and functional fireplaces and stoves and the choice really is yours.”

“We are here to help”, offers McMaster, “because the selection is so large. We know our products are exceptional so for us, service is of prime importance and we work hard to ensure our customers have a great experience with us.”

So if you would like to be stylishly, safely and effectively warm this winter visit Fires and Braais. “Don’t remain undecided for too long”, warns McMaster, “suppliers bring in limited stock and as it gets cold they sell out fast.”

Fires and Braais have partnered with Charnwood (http://www.charnwood.com) and Snow Report to offer you a chance to win an exception fireplace this winter. Find out more and enter here – http://www.firesandbraais.co.za/win

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