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Snow Forecast: Western Cape 14-15 June 2018

There is a powerful cold front approaching the Western Cape that is due to make landfall in the Western Cape during Thursday morning. The South African Weather Service have issued warnings for gale force winds, heavy rain and localised flooding, so please take precautions and be careful. With this front, we are also expecting some snow on the high peaks in the Western Cape.

Snow on the high peaks to the west of Wellington seem likely at this stage. Matroosberg could get up to 20cm on its’ peak, and we might even see some on the ground at the reception area on Friday morning. Falls of 4cm to 11cm could also cover the Cedarberg and Hex River Mountains. There is a lot of rain expected with this front, and this could impact on the snow falls and cause rapid melt, but we are certainly hoping to see snow on the high peaks if the clouds lift in time. We expect snow to fall from around early afternoon on Thursday and stop falling by late afternoon on Friday, with the heaviest fall during Thursday night. We will put out an update to this forecast if there are any major changes in the days ahead. Please keep warm and be safe.

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Author: SnowReport SA

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