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Snow Forecast : 9/10 October 2017

We are expecting more snow in the week ahead!! Tomorrow (Monday 9th Oct), we could see a few flurries around midday in the western parts of the Eastern Cape as shown on the map, and by Monday evening, falls should start in the Eastern Cape Drakensberg areas, and on the high ground around Hogsback. Through Monday night and into Tuesday morning, we will see snow falls continuing in the Eastern Cape Drakensberg areas, whilst the snow falls extend into Lesotho and into the Drakensberg mountains in the east of Lesotho. The falls in the east of Lesotho are expected to continue through most of Tuesday, with the heaviest falls possible during Tuesday afternoon. Heavy falls, in excess of 40cm, are possible on the high peaks over eastern Lesotho on the Drakensberg. By late on Tuesday night, all falls should cease. Snow falls at this time of year can be extremely difficult to forecast, and although we have seen consistency with this forecast for nearly 72 hours now, things could change. We will put out another forecast tomorrow morning.
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Author: SnowReport SA

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