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SA Snow Forecast 22-27 July 2016

Good morning Snow Reporters. We have the latest information on the upcoming snow for the week ahead. With a cold front moving in from the west we also have moisture from the east and it’s the convergence of these two which should bring us a nice bit of snow starting from the 22nd of July. This Friday we should see a little snow over the high mountain regions of the W Cape as the cold front makes landfall, as well as the crossing the border into the Eastern Cape over the Outeniquas. On Saturday, more snow is expected the Western Cape and Eastern Cape mountains with us starting to see snow just outside of Graaf Reinet and on the peaks of Hogsback. Northern Cape could also receive a little snow this day with light flurries expected near Fraserburg.

 Sunday as the cold front extends over KZN were are expecting quite a substantial fall over most of Lesotho as well as many places in KZN and the E Cape. Certain towns such as Mooi River, Rosetta, Matatiele and the KZN midlands could receive anywhere between 5 and 15cm of snow.

Monday seems just as promising with the cold front settling in over Lesotho and KZN and widespread snow expected for the region. Barkly East, Maclear, Rhodes and Matatiele as well as many parts of the E Cape could receive substantial snow fall. Sani Pass region is also likely to receive heavy snowfall, so a caution to all travellers in the region to be advised to the potential possibility of being snowed-in and to travel safely. KZN will most likely see snow in the midlands region and certain towns such as Mooi River and Rosetta will most likely receive significant snowfall. Other regions that may see some snow include Clarens, Harrismith, Bethlehem and other parts Orange Free State.

Tuesday, although we see the cold front beginning to ease will still expect snow across the country with just a little possibly in the W Cape over Oudtshoorn, across the Eastern Cape mountain ranges  with  substantial falls over  the high lying areas of Graaf Reinet, Hogsback and Barkly East. There should be flurries all along the Drakensberg range and over most of Lesotho. Sani Pass could once again receive a decent amount of snow for Tuesday too. The KZN midlands may expect a few flurries too.

By Wednesday the last of the expected snow may very likely be seen over the very high peaks of the Eastern Cape mountains. An exciting few days ahead for snow lovers. Remember to send us your photos as well as stay safe and respect private and public property wherever you go.

As always, this is an advanced forecast and is subject to change in the days ahead.


Author: SnowReport SA

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