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SA Snow Forecast 16-19 September 2016

The front is getting closer, and still due to make landfall tomorrow night (Thursday 15th). Snow is expected to fall almost immediately over all mountains in the west of the Western Cape, as well as areas of the Northern Cape as indicated on the map. This will continue through the day in the Western Cape whilst moving eastwards and bringing snow to the more easterly mountain ranges of the Western Cape. No big dumps are expected, with the heaviest snow being expected on Matroosberg (10cm at the top) and the Cederberg (15cm at the top). On Saturday, we will still see light snow over the SWC, areas of the NC and snowfalls moving into the EC areas over most of the high ground between Graaff-Reinet and Hogsback. A couple of areas in the EC could see snowfalls up to 10cm during the period, but once again, no heavy dumps are expected.

By Saturday evening, the WC will start clearing as the front moves further east, with snowfalls continuing in the EC, and extending into the EC Drakensberg areas, the Kokstad and Matatielle areas (late Saturday or early Sunday) with heavy snow expected in Eastern Lesotho and the KZN Drakensberg. Saturday night will see falls intensifying over the KZN Drakesnberg, the EC Drakesnberg and areas of the KZN Midlands might start seeing some flurries of snow and possibly some build up in places. Heavy rain is expected to accompany the snow in KZN and the EC, and at this stage, we are unsure as to how much snow will settle, and how quickly it will melt, but there are chances that the KZN Midlands could get some snow settling by Sunday morning on the high ground. Snow is likely to continue over the KZN and EC Drakensberg through the whole of Sunday, with some heavy falls expected at times. Some flurries are possible through the KZN Midlands at times throughout Sunday. Monday could see a few isolated falls as shown on the map, as the front moves out to sea.

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Author: SnowReport SA

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