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SA Snow Forecast: 16 – 18 August 2017

Get your snow boots ready guys! We have been tracking this system for 4 days now, and we are starting to see some consistency. We are expecting our first snowfalls in the Western parts of the Western Cape late on Tuesday night, and by Wednesday morning, light snow should have fallen across all the high peaks in the Western Cape, with some light falls also possible in the Sutherland area of the Northern Cape. By lunch time on Wednesday, falls will extend into the Eastern Cape, and by Wednesday evening should extend from the WC right through to the Eastern Cape Drakensberg and also into the Southern Parts of the Northern Cape.

During Wednesday night, snowfalls will intensify in the EC, and move into Lesotho, south western parts of KZN and into the KZN Drakensberg. By Thursday morning, substantial falls are possible in the KZN Drakensberg, the EC Drakensberg, the Amatole region in the EC and in Lesotho, with some snowfalls expected to come down into the foothills of the Drakensberg with some snow also possible in the KZN Midlands.

During Thursday and into Thursday evening, snowfalls will continue in Lesotho, south western KZN, the EC Drakensberg and the KZN Drakensberg with some light flurries in the central regions of the EC. Some heavy falls are possible in Lesotho, the KZN Drakensberg and the EC Drakensberg during this time. There is a slight possibility that some light snow could also fall in the Clarens area of the FS during Thursday. There might still be some light flurries around on Friday morning over high ground in the EC Drakensberg, central EC and south western KZN, but by lunch time on Friday, all snowfalls should stop.

This system is still developing, and is subject to change in the days ahead. Whilst we are starting to see consistency in the charts, a system like this can change easily. We will keep watching, and update daily going forward.

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Author: SnowReport SA

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