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UPDATE : Monday 8th May : The weather system approaching the Western Cape on Thursday has been producing mixed results via the weather models over the weekend, but we are starting to see convergence of the models this morning, and the forecast has changed substantially. Firstly, the front is forecast to lose quite of intensity by the time it reaches our shores, and secondly, it is hitting much further south than previously anticipated. As such, the WC might get a bit of rain on Thursday, but at the moment, no snow is expected for any WC or EC regions at all. Friday afternoon and evening could see a few isolated snow falls on the KZN Drakensberg (northern, central and southern), but these falls will be confined to the extreme high ground. We will update each day going forward as this forecast is also likely to change over the days ahead as the system gets closer. ADVANCED FORECAST (subject to change) : We would not normally put out a forecast this far in advance, but this system has been consistent for over 48 hours now, so although there is a degree of confidence with this forecast, it is likely to change over the next week. A lovely cold and wet weather system is due to arrive in the Western Cape on Thursday the 11th May and move up through the WC, through the EC, and into KZN and Lesotho by Friday, with snow still possible during the early hours of Saturday morning in the easterly regions. We believe that it is possible for snow to fall over the high ground in all the areas circled on the map at this early stage. Some areas may receive light dustings, and other areas could receive as much as 15cm of snow, with the Drakensberg regions seeming more likely to get the heavier falls at this stage. We are hoping that this system will hold course, and not peel off to the south like last few systems that have showed promise. In addition to the snow, we expect this system to bring much needed rain to many areas from the Western Cape right through into KZN. We will update again on Monday, and will know a lot more at that stage. We hope that you have a great weekend
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Author: SnowReport SA

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