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Advanced Forecast : WC, NC, EC, Lesotho : 5-7 September 2018

The next cold front is due to make landfall in the Western Cape tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday), and the first snowfalls are expected on Tuesday night and through to Wednesday morning across the high peaks of the Cedarberg, Hex River Mountains and the Boland Mountains north of Wellington. Light snow is possible on all the high peaks over the south western mountains above 1,300 meters in elevation and could continue on and off for most of Wednesday.

On Thursday, we expect snow to fall on the southern high ground of the Northern Cape and also extend further south to include the Cederberg and Hexriver Mountains in the Western Cape, and further east over the Langeberg and the Swartberge and other high ground inbetween. Thursday evening should see snowfall stretch further east into the Graaff-Reinet area of the Eastern Cape.

By Friday morning we could see snowfalls around Cradock, Hogsback and Nieu-Bethesda regions in the Eastern Cape and a few dustings in Lesotho. At the moment, most snowfalls are expected to be light (less than 5cm), but a few isolated areas could experience heavier falls of between 5cm and 20cm. The areas of heavier potential falls are shown in orange (5cm to 10cm) and purple (10cm+) on the map.

Snow is expected to continue through the weekend, but the data is not consistent enough for us to be able to put out a forecast with any degree of confidence. At the moment, we could see more snow in the Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Lesotho and maybe even Southern KZN. We will produce a forecast for this closer to the time when see see more stability.
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Author: SnowReport SA

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