Snowfall on the Mafadi-Lithotobolong range

Some snow has fallen overnight (15-16 April) on the Mafadi-Lithotobolong range…and possibly in the Kotisephola / Thabana Ntlenyana area as well as  Leqooa range.  The afternoon  may bring a clearer view of the snow extent but it appears as if  this snowfall may have been restricted to only a few high summits above 3300m.

KZN and Lesotho : Possible Snow Tuesday into Wednesday this week (15th April 2014)

Yesterdays snow forecast from remains valid this morning! The only change is that snow falls mights start a little later than expected, and may on start after dark on Tuesday evening in the Sani Pass region, spreading slowly northwards through the evening towards and into the central and northern Drakensberg. As mentioned yesterday, the Lesotho side of the mountains will see most of the falls, but some will fall on the KZN side. We will update in the morning again. Falls are expected to be light.


KZN : Possible Snow Tuesday into Wednesday this week

The latest forecast from suggests that snow may fall on the KZN Drakensberg, starting late afternoon on Tuesday in the Sani Pass area, and continuing through to the early hours of Wednesday morning. At the same time, the ‘snow-zone’ will extend into the Northern Drakensberg. Falls are likely to be light, with the heaviest falls being about 5cm. The Lesotho side of the mountains will see most of the falls, but some will fall on the KZN side. We will update in the morning again.

Lesotho : Afriski : Severe Ice

Afriski reported to us this morning that they are getting severe ice up in Lesotho. This picture, taken this morning, shows the crystallised ice on a car windscreen.

Over 70 000 FB Views! – Matroosberg Snow

The first snow of the season has brought us all the Winter fun sooner than expected! Snowfall on the Matroosberg near Ceres, in the Western Cape had everyone sharing the good news about the early snowfall. With Over 71 000 people viewing just one image of Snow on the Matroosberg mountains last week, as the image went viral and was shared again and again across Facebook. So glad our Snow Reporters are as excited as we are about Winter 2014. Keep the snow coming!


SnowReport Views



2014 Winter has arrived ….

Matroosberg Snow 2nd April 2014

Matroosberg Snow 2nd April 2014

Yesterdays snowfall on the Matroosberg near Ceres, in the Western Cape, has signaled the start of winter. It is very early in the season for the first snowfall, but it is a sign that we could be in for a long and cold winter, with the potential for some good snowfalls this season. But we must not be too hasty and pack away all our summer clothes. Looking at the charts for the next few weeks, there is still some hot weather coming, and we could see temps in the Western Cape rise into the low 30′s again in the next week or so. But, be prepared, winter is coming, and the cold could strike us earlier than last year. We are not going to speculate why this may be. Some people have suggested global warming and climate change. Bearing in mind that over the last 20 years, South Africa has had snow at one place or another during all 12 months of the year, we are unsure whether or not climate change and global warming has anything to do with it, and our feeling is that winter has simply arrived early!

We are following the snow very closely again this year, and will be posting regular updates on snow falls throughout Southern Africa on our website throughout the season. Remember that Snow Report SA is predominately community driven, and as such, we rely on our community reporting sightings of snow throughout the country. In this way, we are able to deliver the news that snow has fallen, or is falling, to our community of followers within a matter of minutes of the sighting. So, if you see snow, please just drop us a mail to or post to our facebook page (, and let us know.

Welcome to winter, and may it be a good one!

Snow in the Western Cape – Matroosberg 2nd April 2014

You might think that it is April fools, but it is not! It has indeed snowed on the Matroosberg in the Western Cape earlier today. See the pic below, courtesy of Matroosberg Private Game Reserve.

Matroosberg Snow 2nd April 2014

Matroosberg Snow 2nd April 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Snow Season!


Welcome to SnowReport

We’re all snow-lovers here!

Let’s get this winter season started! We hope you are enjoying the ‘new look’ website as well as the streamlined, easy-to-navigate ‘Places To Stay‘ section. Please let us know what you think, we always love to hear from you.

Many believe that it doesn’t snow in Africa. Well, do we have a surprise for them! Certain parts of Southern Africa, in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg and other mountainous regions like Lesotho, experience snowfall regularly in the winter season. We even have our own ski resorts like Tiffindell and Afriski.

South Africa has a growing community of snow-seekers and our snow enthusiasts have already been sharing with us some of the great reasons why they love snow.

“Because it’s magical.” says Vernerene Thomas

“It’s the stuff fairy tales are made of.” Michelle Parmentier

“Snow makes me feel like a kid again!” Elsa-Marie Malan Liebenberg

These are just a few of the reasons our community gave us. Come ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and see what everyone else has to say about their love for snow!

SnowReport is Southern Africa’s number #1 snow-loving online community. We have thousands of followers from around the country working with us to report the latest news and fantastic photos of snow. Our exciting, informative platform has rapidly grown over the last year with many snow-seeking people from around the country joining up to discover the best places to see snow.

If you’re looking to share you snow stories and photos, or want to discover the BEST places to see the snow when it falls, join us on SnowReport.

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So come on and let it snow, we can’t wait!

Frost in March 2014

The 13th March saw some frosty patches in the morning. Frost was reported from the following areas, telling us that winter is just around the corner. Cedarville (near Matatiele), Afriski in Lesotho, Barkley East, Underberg, Grahamstown. This is just a short list that we collected from our facebook users, but it was certainly very early in the season to see frost over such a widespread area of the country. We are hoping that this is a pre-cursor to a nice wintery season with lots of snow for us all to play in!

Snow Report : Afriski : 29th November 2013

There has been a light dusting of snow at AfriSki in Lesotho overnight.

Light dusting at AfriSki

Light dusting at AfriSki